Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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What is Shout Your Local?

Use Shout Your Local to buy gift cards for pubs, cafes, music venues and restaurants in your area to redeem at a later date when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. We're acting as agents on behalf of these businesses - providing their regulars a place to buy gift cards during the lockdown and sending payment straight to them to help them get through these tough times.

What's the catch? Are you legit?

No catch, just two Aussies (albeit one with a British accent!) trying to do their bit to support their pals in the hospo industry. No credit card details are held with us, gift cards are managed by GiftUp! (one of the leading gift card providers) and all payments are managed by our payments partner Stripe. Of course you can give me a shout at if you've got any questions or concerns.

How long will my gift card be valid for?

By default gift cards are valid for 3 year (36 months) from the moment of purchase. Merchants can adjust this period however in line with their own gift card policy and all vouchers are 'reloadable'.

When can I expect to receive my gift card? How will I get my gift card?

Immediately! Once your payment is processed, we'll send you an email with your gift card. When your local reopens, pop in with your gift card, either on your phone or printed, and they'll redeem it.

What if the business I buy a gift card for goes bust before I can redeem it?

Unfortunately this is a risk during the current situation. But by buying gift cards and supporting local business directly we hope more of our favourite pubs, restaurants, venues and other small venues will still be there for us when we all resurface.

I have a business I'd like to support who isn't listed - how can I do that?

Use the link at the top of the page to 'suggest a business' and we'll try and contact them. Or, contact them directly (via their website or social media) and encourage them to register with us.

So how much of this gift card will my local actually get?

The whole lot - minus a credit card and voucher service fee which is deducted when paying out. We've managed to get this down to 5% + 30c (it was initially higher) and hope to reduce this even further if we can increase the volume of people using this website. We've started this project to get as much cash back into the pockets of our local businesses not about making a profit from other people's misfortune.

Is Shout Your Local a charity?

No we are not a registered charity, we are a social enterprise project helping with the mission to help Australia's businesses get through this pandemic. In short, our goal isn't making money it's to keep our local businesses in business and help them to get to the other side of this crisis. We are a registered Australian company (FOMO Search pty ltd) and prior to the entire population staying home and working from their sofa, we provided technology for the events and live music industry. All overheads and other costs are currently being covered by our company (although we are looking for sponsorship - if this is something you can help us with please get in touch!).

Frequently asked questions

business FAQ

If you're a cafe, restaurant, pub, music venue, restaurant or even a Llama farmer and have a question read on - if you still have a query just drop me a line at

How does this all work?

Your regular customers and other locals can use Shout Your Local to buy gift cards to redeem at a later date when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. We ( and the people behind it) are acting as agents for your businesses - providing a place for your regulars to buy gift cards and then sending their payment straight to you. We payout daily meaning you won't have to wait long to get your cash from gift card sales.

What does all this cost?

You get the whole payment minus the fee we need to charge to cover our costs (payments and voucher services) which is 5% + 30c. We don't charge any fees like membership or registration, inevitably there is a small payment processing fee charged by Stripe (our payments provider and this includes all credit card processing) and also a voucher fee from GiftUp! (our voucher partner).

What about GST & Tax?

These gift cards are equivalent to purchases made at your business; you are responsible for taking into account the GST component as you usually would and as income, gift card payments count towards your revenue.

I run a beauty salon / juice bar / Llama farm etc... - can you sell gift cards for me?

Absolutely! If pre paid gift cards are going to help you survive this crisis then get Shout Your Local is the website for you. Click submit your business and we'll get you listed asap.

What can I do to get people to buy gift cards?

Tell everyone about! Continue to use all the social channels you already use like facebook, instagram, your website and mailing list and tell them you are now listed on Shout Your Local! where they can buy gift cards. If you're not on any social channels, now's the time to get on there and spread the word about your business. Consider contacting your local newspaper or radio station and seeing if they'll run a piece on your business and it's ability to sell gift cards.

But what if sell my own gift cards?

No worries, we can simply add a link to your gift card page on your listing. We can also adjust any gift cardexpiry terms we sell on your behalf to adhere to your gift card policy.

What's the catch? Is this legit?

No catch, just two Aussies (albeit one with a British accent!) trying to do their bit to support their pals in the hospo industry. No credit card details are held with us. All gift cards are managed through our partner GiftUp! and all payments are managed by Stripe. Give me a shout at if you've got any questions or concerns.

What will my gift card look like? How will I track them?

Each gift card we email out automatically has a unique code on it. You also will have a venue login so you'll be able to see your gift card sales, payments and manage redemption from this website - easy! See below for an example of what a voucher looks like on a phone.

I've never sold gift cards before can I still join?

Yes! You are just who we're looking for. Click 'submit your business' at the top of this web page and we'll get you listed asap. We take care of the payments on your behalf and payout directly to your business every day.

I want to list my business on your site. How do I do that?

Super easy - just click the submit your business link at the top of this page and tell us about your local business. We'll get you set up and online usually within the same working day!

When will I be paid out?

We pay out every day! You will receive daily payment from Stripe (our payments partner) into your nominated business account.

Can I reconcile gift cards on my POS system?

You will soon be able to view your gift card sales in your Shout your local dashboard. You can then download this as CSV and upload it into your POS system OR print it and manually strike vouchers off as customers redeem them. You can also integrated directly if you are using a POS from Shopify, Vend and Square! (just drop me a line for more info on integration)

Can customers partially redeem a gift card?

That is totally up to you! We're trying to create a simple way for you, to sell gift cards to customers online and for customers to easily purchase gift cards from you via Shout Your Local! (we act as your agent). How you redeem and reconcile gift cards is totally your call.

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