How it works

the idea

Pay it forward to help our local businesses

The problem we're trying to help solve is the cash flow crisis caused by Covid 19 - by selling gift cards on behalf of local business we can send them the cash now and customers later when things return to normal.

1. Find your local

Take a peek at our website and find your local business, if you can’t find your local you can suggest a business and we’ll reach out to them.

2. Send a gift card

You can buy and send a gift card for a friend or yourself which are valid for 3 years (36 months) by default. When you buy a gift card your payment is securely processed by Stripe (our payments partner) and funds then sent straight to the business the next day. FYI we don’t ever keep your credit card details and no money is ever stored in our bank account.

3.  Gift card delivered

The lucky recipient receives their gift card straight away via email. Gift cards can be can kept on a mobile phone, downloaded or printed it off.

4. Business gets paid

We payout the full amount (minus the payment and voucher processing cost) every day to help these businesses with much needed cash flow - all payments are managed securely by Stripe which is one of the worlds biggest online payment providers so things are safe, secure and reliable.

5. Redeem later

When things return to normal just pop into your local and they will be happy to let you spend your gift card just as you would with cash or credit. Too easy!

Frequently asked questions

Customer FAQ

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What is Shout Your Local?

Use Shout Your Local to buy gift cards for pubs, cafes, music venues and restaurants in your area to redeem at a later date when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. We're acting as agents on behalf of these businesses - providing their regulars a place to buy gift cards during the lockdown and sending payment straight to them to help them get through these tough times.

What's the catch? Are you legit?

No catch, just two Aussies (albeit one with a British accent!) trying to do their bit to support their pals in the hospo industry. No credit card details are held with us, gift cards are managed by GiftUp! (one of the leading gift card providers) and all payments are managed by our payments partner Stripe. Of course you can give me a shout at if you've got any questions or concerns.

How long will my gift card be valid for?

By default gift cards are valid for 3 year (36 months) from the moment of purchase. Merchants can adjust this period however in line with their own gift card policy and all vouchers are 'reloadable'.

When can I expect to receive my gift card? How will I get my gift card?

Immediately! Once your payment is processed, we'll send you an email with your gift card. When your local reopens, pop in with your gift card, either on your phone or printed, and they'll redeem it.

What if the business I buy a gift card for goes bust before I can redeem it?

Unfortunately this is a risk during the current situation. But by buying gift cards and supporting local business directly we hope more of our favourite pubs, restaurants, venues and other small venues will still be there for us when we all resurface.

I have a business I'd like to support who isn't listed - how can I do that?

Use the link at the top of the page to 'suggest a business' and we'll try and contact them. Or, contact them directly (via their website or social media) and encourage them to register with us.

So how much of this gift card will my local actually get?

The whole lot - minus a credit card and voucher service fee which is deducted when paying out. We've managed to get this down to 5% + 30c (it was initially higher) and hope to reduce this even further if we can increase the volume of people using this website. We've started this project to get as much cash back into the pockets of our local businesses not about making a profit from other people's misfortune.

Is Shout Your Local a charity?

No we are not a registered charity, we are a social enterprise project helping with the mission to help Australia's businesses get through this pandemic. In short, our goal isn't making money it's to keep our local businesses in business and help them to get to the other side of this crisis. We are a registered Australian company (FOMO Search pty ltd) and prior to the entire population staying home and working from their sofa, we provided technology for the events and live music industry. All overheads and other costs are currently being covered by our company (although we are looking for sponsorship - if this is something you can help us with please get in touch!).

Business owners

Do you own a local business?

It's free to list and theres no membership or registration fees. We payout sales daily to help with cashflow now and get customers through the door tomorrow.

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